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How to choose a Perfect Pair Of Socks

How to choose a Perfect Pair Of Socks

Socks play a major role in providing comfort to the feet by absorbing the sweat released by the feet and allow the passage of air during the whole day. In addition, socks contribute a lot to extend the life of our top quality boots and other branded footwear collections.

A good quality of socks’ pair should not only absorb the sweat of feet, but also helps in the distribution of perspiration via the material towards outward surface, referred commonly as wicking process. Wicking process is very much essential to keep the feet dry and allow evaporation of swear before smell-producing germs/bacteria get chances to start feeding from them. Keeping this fact in mind, we have highlighted a few important points to consider for selecting a perfect pair of socks.

Socks Wicking

Your chosen pair of socks should be capable to wick the moisture content away from your feet towards their exterior surfaces.

Sock Padding

Sock should come with the ability to provide cushion to your feet from influencing with the respective ground and should prevent rubbing of your skin against inner portion of your pair of shoes.

Snug fitting of Socks

Loose bunches of socks usually rub the skin and thereby, may cause blister. However, good socks are able to pull the snug against one’s skin starting from the top to up to the toe.

Slim Fit Socks or Dress Socks

Next, you may choose for slim fit or dress socks, which should be of thin, as the comfort permits both to fit perfectly in your shoes and to prevent bulky look across the ankle or distort the cuff of the trouser.

Appropriate Color of Socks

Gone those days, when individuals opt for only black or white colored of default dress socks. Instead, today, people have a large number of options associated with color of socks. A good sock should be able to fit in an unobtrusive and neat way into almost every type of outfit and standout in a proud and bold manner even in less frequent cases.