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Want to be a seller

Autumnfare is looking for authorised dealers and distributors of Globally Branded products. If you want to sell through autumnfare, than you have to offer our customers something really special and discerning. Maybe the best price, or leading international brands not available easily in India.

The rarer the product, the better the deal, more are the chances you would catch our attention.

Drop us a email at with the following information

  • Merchant Code - Your part  number for the Item
  • Product Title - What is the product called?
  • Image Of The Product - You need to have web ready images of your product
  • Product Description 
  • MRP Of The Product
  • What discounts you want to offer to our customer
  • Keywords -  A List Of Keywords Using Which The Product Can Show Up In Search Results.
  • Options -  The List Of Options In Which The Product Is Available. Eg: Colours, Sizes etc .